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Genuine Government Issue!
Genuine Government Issue!

Used Government Issue Field Nets

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GI Field Nets
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Used Government Issue Field Net’s The "Skeeta Tent"
Genuine Government Issue!

  • 68" X 200"
  • The Net Is made of Nylon it is OD Green and Mildew Resistant.
  • If a cot is used, it is recommended that the bottom of the military mosquito net be tucked under your mattress to keep out insects.  Due to its small mesh size, this mosquito net is designed to keep out even the smallest insects, which include many No-See-Ums.  The netting is normally made from polyester which adds to its high level of transparency. 
  • Its designed to be used with or without a cot and with or without a mosquito field net bar. The design allows for numerous ways to "pitch" this mosquito net, which includes numerous nylon ribbons at the sides and corners.  This design can even be used inside a military pup tent as the shape is designed to form to the inside of the tent, if you wish.
  • This netting is not treated with chemicals, however, for double protection consider using a bug spray to keep bugs far away. 
  • NSN: 7210-00-266-9736 
  • Made in the USA

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