Ammo boxes are typically known for storing small arms, parts and ammunition, but did you know there are many other uses for an ammo box? FIREARMS/HUNTING • safety container. • hunter’s boxes to store necessities when hunting in wet areas, AMMO BOX USE FOR VEHICLES & TOOLS • tire chains storage. • jumper cable storage. • lockable container. • holding nails, screws, etc. • store grease, oil and other liquids in fragile containers. • center console in a Jeep. AMMO BOX USE FOR AROUND THE HOUSE • lunch box. • first aid kit. • gift boxes. • macho cigar humidor. • foot stool. • store flammables. • hide your dirty movies. • soak your feet. • Safe. • shelves by stacking them like Lego’s. • burn box. • weights. • burial urn for a Veterans ashes. • catch water under a drip. • planter. AMMO BOX USE FOR CAMPING & ON THE GO • geo-cache container. • stove. • oven. • cook pot. • store a field repair kit. • tackle box. • camp seat. • camper’s kits. • sink to wash and shave in. • tinder box. • battery box. • food storage. • cooler. • crayon box for the kids. • grab and go boxes for SHTF. Buy your ammo box here • Find Ideas on our Pinterest page