Thinking Outside The Ammo Box
Ammo boxes are typically known for storing small arms, parts and ammunition, but did you know there are many other uses for an ammo box? FIREARMS/HUNTING • safety container. • hunter’s boxes to store necessities when hunting in wet areas, AMMO BOX USE FOR VEHICLES & TOOLS • tire chains storage. • jumper cable storage. • lockable container. • holding nails, screws, etc. • store grease, oil and other liquids in fragile containers. • center console in a Jeep. AMMO BOX USE FOR AROUND THE HOUSE • lunch box. • first aid kit. • gift boxes. • macho cigar humidor. • foot stool. • store flammables. • hide your dirty movies. • soak your feet. • Safe. • shelves by stacking them like Lego’s. • burn box. • weights. • burial urn for a Veterans ashes. • catch water under a drip. • planter. AMMO BOX USE FOR CAMPING & ON THE GO • geo-cache container. • stove. • oven. • cook pot. • store a field repair kit. • tackle box. • camp seat. • camper’s kits. • sink to wash and shave in. • tinder box. • battery box. • food storage. • cooler. • crayon box for the kids. • grab and go boxes for SHTF. Buy your ammo box here • Find Ideas on our Pinterest page

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