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New Medium U.K. DPM Camo Chemical Suit

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New Medium U.K. DPM Camo Chemical Suit
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NEW! UK DPM Camo Chemical Suit
  • Genuine British Army Issue 
  • British Size Medium, will fit up to a Large 
  • Brand new, completely sealed-ready for use!
  • This is a British Chemical Suit
  • Jacket and Pants 
  • DPM Woodland Camo 
  • Activated Charcoal Lining 
  • Also called NBC Chemical Suit
  • It is Worn Over your Clothing 
  • This suit is currently in use by British Forces and were used by United States Troops during the first Gulf War.
  • Pants have a Velcro Flap Closure at the waist side 
  • Cargo Pockets with attached Suspenders 
  • Velcro Open Legs will slip over you Boots and 
  • Velcro Closure at the Bottom of each Pant Leg 
  • Jacket has two Velcro Flap Breast Pockets and 
  • One Velcro Flap Pocket on each arm with zipper and 
  • Velcro front Closure 
  • Velcro Closure on Jacket Cuffs 
  • Jacket has Detachable Hood
  • Originally used for Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare

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