About Us


About us

Since 1982 Military Outdoor Clothing Inc. has been a leading supplier of Military Surplus products from around the globe. We also make our own line of Clothing & Gear ranging from Military-Spec Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU’s) & Army Combat Uniforms (ACU’s), to Military Spec duffle bags. Military Outdoor Clothing has also designed our own Tactical Clothing & Bag line under the brand name “Diplomat”, which has received the highest rating from the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). Our latest creation, X-Camo, is a unique digital camouflage pattern using natural colors, making it useful in all terrain.

Our 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse sits on 7.5 acres located 50 miles northeast of Dallas, TX. The location puts MOC in the middle of the United States to help save you time and money on expensive shipping. Our warehouse is packed with thousands of items. So chances are we have what you are looking for and then some. Our dedicated staff looks forward to serving you! 

Our history

David Crouch & Bret Kimmel are the founders of Military Outdoor Clothing Inc. We started out in the Army Navy industry in the early eighties as two young traveling salesmen for “BURK MFG” located in Dallas, TX. Est. 1929. Burk manufacturing made military clothing for the government, and later supplied Army Navy stores with work wear and military clothing. They were the first to design and make the “Hip Hugger” pants made fashionable in the 60’s.

After several years on the road we had so many salesman samples that we decided to take them to the local flee market to get rid of them and make a little money on the side. The first day went so well we decided to rent a 10’ x 10’ booth. We ended up taking turns working the booth every weekend while the other was on the road selling. Later we opened our first retail store which was only 900 sq. ft located across the street from North Texas State University in Denton TX, which we aptly named “North Texas Army Navy”. 

Several years later we quit traveling and opened more stores. The two of us became so busy buying surplus for the stores that in 1991 we had to buy a 26,000 sq ft. warehouse near downtown Dallas. David started working fulltime in the warehouse buying government surplus. We already knew many Army Navy stores to sell to, some of which we still sell to this day. As our business & inventory expanded we would need a bigger facility. Thus, we landed in the small town of Greenville, TX. The rest is history!