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New Swiss 74 Certified Filter

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Swiss 74 Certified Filter
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New! Swiss 74 Certified Filter 
 "NBC Protection 74"
  • This filter is good against all known gasses including Anthrax. 
  • It is not good against carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. 
  • The filter has a 40mm thread that can fit Israeli, 
  • Russian and all NATO gas masks. 
  • (Fits the Adult & Youth Israeli & Russian Gas Masks)
  • It comes in a hard plastic case. 
  • Once the case is opened, the case is not reusable. 
  • Manufactured by Airfil AG

  • Published in Schweizerische Feuerwehr-Zeitung 11/91 Federal Office for Civil Protection, Spiez Laboratory Performance of NBC protective filter 74 in relation to industrial pollutants Combination filters, such as the NBC protective filter 74 which is a component of the protective masks used by the Swiss armed forces, function in two ways. 
  • They must be able to intercept both coarse and very fine dust particles and/or droplets (suspended solids - aerosols), and gaseous pollutants circulating in the air. A two-stage procedure is used to test the performance of these filters. 
  • Every NBC protective filter comprised two components: a glass-fibre filter to intercept suspended solids filter and an activated carbon membrane to intercept gases. 
  • Both tend to be used together, e.g. in screw on filters or in a range of collective filters found in protective shelters. The sequence must be adhered to strictly. 
  • First, the air passes through the suspended-solids filter, where the intercepted droplet evaporated relatively quickly in the airflow. The next step involves the gaseous particle being retained in the activated carbon membrane.
  • The suspended solids filter offers protection against the entire spectrum of dust and aerosols which can be present following a CIVILIAN CHEMICAL INCIDENT. 
  •  The sequence in which the activated carbon component intercepts the gaseous substance is primarily as follows:
    • physical adsorption, 
    • chemisorption
    • catalysis.

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